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AI chatbots for customer service make your customer happy and save you money. With you reduce your costs and inspire customers with a fast and smooth service - 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

If cost reductions in customer service aren't reason enough ...

Conversational AI provides solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in customer experience.

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We shouldn’t look at our competitors for benchmarks in customer service. We should look at the best.

Messaging automation puts your service where your users are.

Direct messaging is the preferred mode of communication consumers today. 80% of German consumers use WhatsApp and the average person sends 3 messages per hour. And more than 50% think that businesses should be available via chat.

That’s why leading brands use contextual and personalized AI assistants to drive their CX quality with

Finding and training good agents is challenging and expensive. Keeping them is impossible.

AI Agents are trained once and improve autonomously.

Many call center agents stay in their job for only one year, with agent turnover in large call centers as high as 49% annually. This drives the cost of hiring a new employee up to two to three times the annual salary of that position. AI agents stay on the job.

With they are set up without the need to code and their self-optimizing AI makes maintenance and improvement a breeze. This lets you effortlessly scale your service through peak times, night shifts, and weekends.

To really make sense, my chatbot needs to be transactional and integrated with my infrastructure.

Delivering results instead of just information.

Just providing FAQ-Snippets isn’t going to cut it. That’s not self-service – only another loop in the user's journey to a human agent. Any modern enterprise architecture today is built around APIs that integrate various cloud services and enable knowledge exchange and transactions across business functions and departments. Connecting’s cognitive automation technology puts the power of your APIs in a simple chat – turning language into action to fully solve customer problems.

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