Personalized customer service with artificial intelligence

Express your appreciation for your customers - with short wait times and fast results. Mercury makes it easy for your support team to resolve more than 80% of customer inquiries immediately - with an AI-based chatbot.

Don't keep your customers waiting!

With Mercury's AI chatbot, you can provide fast customer service around the clock.

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Self-service - But user-centric.

Less effort, less searching, less confusion. With Mercury, offer direct and easy-to-understand help on your website, via WhatsApp, Facebook chat, or in mobile apps. Enable your customers to help themselves - in chat with AI Assistant. Save human support resources for particularly responsive interactions and automate the rest:

  • Integrate Mercury with CRM systems

  • Let your customers perform transactions themselves, such as paying bills, booking tickets, upgrading, etc.

Want to measurably increase customer satisfaction?

In case of a problem, don't let dissatisfaction arise in the first place! Mercury's AI chatbot not only provides answers but can also directly bring about transactional solutions. This way, you create valuable customer experiences for every customer and automatically measure how your CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) improves. 

Resolve tickets instead of creating them

Mercury reduces time and effort for you AND your customers by having the AI chatbot automatically pre-qualify issues, create appropriate tickets, and assign them to the right agents. Service agents pick up where Mercury left off. Integrate Mercury with your CRM and use your agents' time to resolve highly pre-qualified tickets.

Seamless handoff from AI to your live agents.

With Mercury, you can put automation first and then seamlessly escalate from chatbot to live agent when it matters most to your customers.

  • Live agents can step in and out of the conversation - and customers stay in the same user interface

  • Connect customers with the right agents at the right time based on their needs and interests

  • Make the Mercury Live Chat environment available to all your agents - at no extra cost! Or integrate Mercury with your existing live chat software and workflows. 

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