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Customer Care

AI chatbots for customer service make every business better. With you reduce your costs and inspire customers with a fast and smooth service - 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

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Messenger Marketing

The most efficient lead acquisition strategy: With's chatbots, you can automate much of your marketing, collect information more easily, and qualify leads faster. Create highly personalized funnels through messenger conversations.

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Welcome to the future of eCommerce: With intelligent chatbots, you simplify the product search of your customers, accelerate the buying process and improve your service. In this way, you can optimize the shopping experience and use slumbering potential for better conversions and more sales!

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API Platform

Managed NLU Model

Datadriven Dialogue

Don't build Chatbots. Create Conversations! - The Conversational Cloud is the Conversational Cloud for highly customizable AI Assistants, Chatbots and Voice Interfaces. Based on a proprietary end-to-end suite of API-based conversational automation services enables a modular approach to high-quality conversational automation. combines language understanding, dialogue behavior and knowledge base in a holistic approach which creates the technological basis for a noticeably better user experience.

Test lab and conference

Digital Kindergarten

We are back at the Digital Kindergarten which is more than just a tech event or marketing conference. It's about trying out and planning together how to translate your experience from theory into practice.

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Innovation needs trust.

Built for the high expectations in data protection and security of the most demanding enterprises.


In order to make the safest and most trusted conversational cloud we provide wide range of security features – from Two factor authentication to idle-session-timeout a undergo regular penetration tests.

GDPR compliant

Data protection and privacy are at the core of our platform. Beyond “privacy by design” data governance at the platform level the bot creator offers various templates let you easily implement conversational UX for all things GDPR.

Professional processes

Our staging environment provides for well-defined approval and publication processes. Precise permission settings let you govern the access levels of large collaborative teams and even agency partners.

Kitchen Intelligence by Maggi

Maggi reaches millenials in Facebook Messenger.

Since the '60s, Maggi has been answering the question, "What shall I cook today?" Previously on the phone, now on the website. Nevertheless, Maggi reaches young people only with difficulties or cost-intensive expenditure. KIM, the chatbot from the Maggi Kochstudio has managed to convince this target group by means of dialogue. KIM finds recipes and helps with questions about cooking. It stores preferences and information on e.g. allergies and is thus able to suggest suitable and varied recipes - with a success rate of 90%.

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Mobile messaging dominates phone usage today - and is the world's most popular way to communicate.

Your customers prefer to chat

It comes as no surprise that 66% of consumers want to communicate with brands through messaging.

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