AI Chatbots and Messaging
for eCommerce and Service

Faster answers, personal advice and effective self-service. Because satisfied customers are the key to your success.

Trusted by brands who care.

Conversational AI that pays off

Conversational Commerce

Advises customers individually on product selection
Supports customers in their purchase decision
Activates shopping carts
Boosts conversion rates by more than 100%

Customer Service Automation

24/7 service without waiting times
Saves support costs and relieves your service team
Increases customer satisfaction
Solves problems before they turn into tickets

How you benefit with Mercury

Happier Customers

Effective self-service and faster responses to your customers' questions, around the clock, lead to measurable improvements in your customer satisfaction.

More sales through conversational commerce

Dramatically increase your conversion rate with personalized product advice, suggestions, and purchase decision simplification.

Reduction of service cost through automation

Automate your service effectively and have requests resolved before they become tickets. This significantly reduces the workload of your service team.

How Mercury makes Conversational AI more powerful, faster and easier?

Highest dialog quality

Mercury's unique dialog technology enables an unmatched level of context, personalization, and intelligent dialog. This pays off for you by enabling more complex use cases and noticeably better UX.

Faster ROI thanks to plug-and-play AI

The Mercury Dialog Library contains ready-to-use plug-and-play AI modules for many e-commerce and customer service applications. You can be up and running in a few hours without a single line of code, and then simply expand as needed.

Less maintenance effort due to active-learning AI

The Active Learning behavior combines two decisive advantages: It increases dialog robustness and guides your customers to the goal even with difficult questions, while leading to independent improvement of language comprehension.

Flexible handover routing from AI to humans

With Mercury, the perfect interaction between AI and your service staff is achieved. Whether it's handover, escalation, or pre-qualification, your customers always experience a smooth transition from bot to matching live agent.

Quick and easy integrations

Use Mercury together with your CRM, shop system, service desk, headless CMS or even "anything else that has an API". With its API-first approach, Mercury is flexible, fast and easy to connect.

Enterprise ready

Mercury offers extensive enterprise features to efficiently implement and manage all your conversational AI projects in one powerful platform. From data protection to internationalization.