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Security and Compliance

For large organizations data protection only starts with legal frameworks like GDPR. Beyond that typically exist standard processes to ensure security and general enterprise compliance. At Mercury.ai we are working with these requirements since day one. We have successfully undergone cloud compliance processes and security testing with some of the largest enterprises and regard our compliance with these standards one of our competitive advantages.

Collaboration and Process

Any software solution for the enterprise needs to combine secure collaboration among its many stakeholders with the ease of use of end user products. The Mercury.ai platform allows for fine-grained permission management to manage the different roles in a bot project team. And the whole lifecycle of Mercury.ai chatbots is designed for a simple and streamlined deployment processes.

Middleware and Integration

Mercury.ai provides an end-to-end solution to automate user conversations. Beyond the quality of a dialogue experience the value of our platform grows with its integration into your digital ecosystem. Connecting Mercury.ai allows for synchronization of user data, content integration and transactions across the environment.

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We have IT compliance covered so we can focus on innovating your customer experience.

GDPR Compliance

Not only store data on German servers but fully comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Two Factor Authentication

Secure your accounts by a second authentication channel.

Idle Session Timeout

Automaticlly log out inactive users to prevent unauthorized access to protected data.

Custom Data Retention Period

Easily set and adjust the retention period for dialogue logs and user profile data.

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