Conversational Experience Platform is the end-to-end conversational AI platform for businesses to create contextual AI assistants and chatbots. We’re the choice of large brands with high expectations on dialogue understanding and behavior as well as collaboration and integration.

Omnichannel Conversations

Our universal messaging hub lets you seamlessly communicate with users on all the major chat platforms. Wherever your users are - easily connects your bot to all the relevant messaging channels and even maintaines identity and context across channels. So you can offer your users a true multichannel conversational experience.

Natural Language Understanding

One of the guiding principles behind Mercury's NLU components is that everything in a bot can be done conversationally. Visual elements like buttons support the conversation, but everything can also be achieved by talking about it. This makes a bot independent of the particular channel, so that it can, for example, immediately be ported from a messenger to a purely speech-based channel, where visual elements like buttons are not available.

Dialogue Engine

The Dialogue Engine and Conversation Creator introduce dynamic, maintainable and user-friendly dialogue management. This is where the special power of the platform comes to play. Typically today chatbot conversations are created by either of two methods: Conversation trees or „intents as action triggers“. By crafting conversation trees we lay out the possible routes of the dialogue. This will become overwhelmingly complex as we go into the most intricate details of dialogue. Think of creating a consistent capacity for semantic reference resolution in conversation trees. When user intents are directly mapped as triggers to bot reactions we will also run into unmaintainable complexity. Here it‘s a problem of controlling the bot behavior in a maze of unorganized triggers.

Bot to Human Agent Handover

Seamless switching between bots and human agents

The “Handover” function transitions a conversation from a bot to a human agent. When doing so, we keep the conversation in the original channel and make the handover in the backend only.The human agent will take over an existing conversation and see the past dialogue history. That is what we call “warm handover” in contrast to solutions where users are redirected into new conversations with human operators.

You wouldn't want to go without ...


Find conversation logs across all channels in one central inbox. Together with each conversation you'll find the user's profile information - showing their preferences, subscriptions and any other profile data that you sync with your CRM.


See in real time how your customers are using the bot and identify improvement potential and failed interpretations. Differentiate your analysis by channels and content and see the most important KPIs at a glance.

A/B Testing

Create and test variations of your bot and distribute them to a segment of your users. This lets you easily validate new user stories and conversational designs as well as data integrations or campaigns.

Lifecycle Management, Collaboration and Permissions

Building and running successful enterprise chatbots requires collaboration across stakeholders and teams within an enterprise and a clear definition on roles. Collaborative bot configuration across teams and departments is supported by permission schemes that reflect the different roles of team members, life-cycle management and staging that meets the demand of corporate release processes and goes so far to invite partner agencies to collaborate on the various projects of a license holder.

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