Conversational Experience Platform is the end-to-end conversational AI platform for businesses to create contextual AI assistants and chatbots. We’re the choice of large brands with high expectations on dialogue understanding and behavior as well as collaboration and integration.

Integrated Natural Language Understanding


Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enable building conversational agents that understand free form messages.


We support multiple languages with built-in capabilities.


We provide a hybrid solution with computational grammars and machine-learned NLP models.

Fluid Multi-turn Dialogue


Our conversational agents utilize customer's preferences and interactions to draw actions to create more relevant dialogues.


Our solution provides dialogue interactions where users feel more valued and understanding by personalizing the dialogues.


Our dialogue management considers the underlying data to create more engaging and relevant results.

Platform Features

CRM Integration
Easy integration for CRM tools to synchronize your customer data
Content Integration
Integrate your content data to build data-driven solutions
Human Handover
Seemless conversation transfer from bots to human agents
Push Notification
Activate your customers with news updates
Connect your bots to relevant messaging channels
Analyze how your customers interact and discover improvements
Life Cycle Management
Manage development process, test extensively, put it live
A/B Testing
Test variations and distribute them to a segment of your users
Find conversation logs across all channels in one central inbox

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