User activation for revenue growth

More conversions thanks to proactive search

Welcome to the future of eCommerce: With intelligent chatbots, you simplify the product search of your customers, accelerate the buying process and improve your service. In this way, you can optimize the shopping experience and use slumbering potential for better conversions and more sales!

If higher revenue in e-commerce isn't reason enough ...

Conversational AI provides solutions to some of the most pressing challenges for online retailers.

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Webshops are missing a salesperson to drive sales through informing and nudging the customer behavior

AI assistants increase cart value and conversion by guiding users.

Imagine that: Any user activity on your shop can trigger the AI assistant to start a personalized conversation. Helping to choose the right product, making the right decision, cross- or upselling to increase shopping cart value and conversion. is tightly integrated and works hand in hand with your webshop. Also, information that has been shared with the AI assistant can be used to navigate the page or enter data into fields. So the AI assistant becomes a virtual salesperson that can drive cart value and conversion. 

We need to be where our customers are.

Extend your customer journey into messenger-apps and increase customer value.

More than 50% of consumers think that businesses should be available via messaging. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger – you name it! With you create a seamless customer journey between on- and offline while increasing the number of points of sale.

With only a few clicks to unified messaging. Make all eCommerce capabilities usable through conversational AI.

Getting a delivery is exciting! But where is your brand at that moment? You part in that experience could be much bigger.

Join your customers in moments of joy.

Use real-time data from the fulfillment service provider to trigger personalized messages at the Point of Delivery (PoD). Share the excitement with relevant content. Be helpful to your customer. Soften the impact of bad deliveries. 41% of bad delivery experiences result in damage to your brand’s image. 

Rather than losing, you could be winning. Excel in customer care. 17% of US customers are willing to spend more on brands that deliver excellent service.

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