Messenger Marketing

Marketing and sales: More leads and conversions

The most efficient lead acquisition strategy: With's chatbots, you can automate much of your marketing, collect information more easily, and qualify leads faster. Create highly personalized funnels through messenger conversations.

Why Chatbots for Lead Generation?

Chatbots automate conversations that would normally have to be answered by employees. In this way, companies save time and money and gain more capacity for other marketing and sales tasks. While personal conversations are not infinitely scalable, chatbots allow you to have an infinite number of conversations at the same time!

By the way: Chatbots are becoming increasingly important, especially for messenger services - today Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and WeChat already have a total of 5 billion users per month. Messenger marketing is the trend for the future - those who recognize this early will gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

How to Simplify Marketing and Sales

  • Quick contact 
    Whether the customer clicks on a social media ad or follows a website CTA: Chatbots allow you to make immediate contact and start Lead Qualification. Don't waste time between interest and contact!

  • Fast qualification
    Find out more about your contacts and clarify purchase relevant questions directly in the chat. With AI chatbots and automated lead scoring, you can identify customers faster and lead them directly to purchase decisions.

  • Effective address
    Whether Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp: Address your potential customers where they spend most of their time - and benefit from low CPCs. More than 60% of all customers want companies to be reachable via chat!

  • More sales potential
    Automating marketing and sales with chatbots not only saves time and money. You can also reduce the workload on your employees, get in touch with more potential customers at the same time and generate more revenue.

Win more leads now
With intelligent chatbots, you can automate large parts of your marketing and sales and win more leads with less effort - and quickly take your business to the next level. helps you do that by developing state-of-the-art chatbots for companies in every industry.