More conversions thanks to proactive search

Welcome to the future of eCommerce: With intelligent chatbots, you simplify the product search of your customers, accelerate the buying process and improve your service. In this way, you can optimize the shopping experience and use slumbering potential for better conversions and more sales!

Why Chatbots in Ecommerce?

AI-based chatbots make shopping as easy as possible. Customers can chat with the chatbots at any time and, for example, order food, book appointments or order products online. Instead of having to search a website for information, customers can simply talk to the chatbot and leave the search to them. Chatbots have the same role as employees in a physical store: they are there to answer questions and help customers make buying decisions!

Conversational Product Search: Your Online Shop at the Next Level

  • Easier search
    A convenient product search is the sales lever in eCommerce. With targeted questions and precisely fitting result lists, you reduce the search effort and increase the decision-making ability of your customers.

  • Fast purchase process
    Instead of clicking through numerous product pages, chatbots quickly guide customers to the right product. Detailed questions can be answered immediately via chat - whether ingredients, materials or features.

  • Understand search queries better
    With targeted queries, you gain a better understanding of the search queries of your customers. You gather valuable insights and data and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Build more trust
    Thanks to the smart chatbots of you are in constant dialogue with your customers. As you improve your service, realistic conversations make your business look even more human.