Conversational commerce to drive customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction pays off. There is a lot of revenue waiting to be earned through returning customers, upsells and cross-sells, and fewer cart abandonments. Conversational Commerce, using messaging throughout the e-commerce user journey, brings you closer to your customers and increases revenue and customer experience.

Personalized product guidance - simply relevant

Guide your customers through product catalog and decision-making process.

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Don’t lose money with abandoned carts

The right intervention at the right moment can decide whether or not a purchase is made. Personal messages are more effective and less annoying than pop-up banners. And even after leaving the page, you can reactivate shopping carts with a message.

Show your customers you care, also after having made a purchase

Reduce the distance in e-commerce not only with fast delivery times but also with the proximity in communication. Use Mercury to send proactive and personalized messages throughout the delivery progress and for relevant service offers. Make customer intimacy scalable with a combination of AI Assistants and live chat messaging. 

Make returns less annoying - for you and your customers.

Mercury makes returns management via WhatsApp a breeze. So you have less hassle with questions and processing, and a good impression remains for your customers, even if the goods are returned. 

Really get to know your customers

Get to know your customers' wishes and preferences - in their own words. Mercury provides you with conversational insights that go far beyond the click analytics of your store and are directly applicable.

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