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Transform processes into automated conversations. Delight your customers with 24/7 personalized service. And improve customer satisfaction while unlocking new revenue channels or reducing costs. Chatbots allow you to provide your customers with non-stop support for their service requests while reducing the costs of your service center and increasing the coverage of your self-service offering. The generation and qualification of new customer leads via chat benefits from significantly better conversion rates than in the classic web channels and thus increases the efficiency of your sales. Offer your customers intelligent search dialogues and personalised recommendations more relevant results and immediate advice in your eCommerce channels. The dialog approach supports the users' willingness to make decisions and accelerates the purchasing process. Even just "listening" brings you measurable advantages: Through automated chat, you gain valuable explicit insights into the wishes and needs of your customers. From this, highly effective target group segments can be created - with a significant increase in efficiency for your media management.

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We keep the other's promises.

AI chatbots for customer service make your customer happy and save you money. With you reduce your costs and inspire customers with a fast and smooth service - 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

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Welcome to the future of eCommerce: With intelligent chatbots, you simplify the product search of your customers, accelerate the buying process and improve your service. In this way, you can optimize the shopping experience and use slumbering potential for better conversions and more sales!

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Kitchen Intelligence by Maggi

Maggi sets benchmark for customer experience on WhatsApp

Famous chatbot Kim is now on WhatsApp and is able to do even more. In addition to the varied recipe search, Kim's new feature for cooking classes goes far beyond the offerings of existing customer service.

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Built for highest expectations in data protection and security.


In order to make the safest and most trusted conversational cloud we provide wide range of security features – from Two factor authentication to idle-session-timeout a undergo regular penetration tests.

GDPR compliant

Data protection and privacy are at the core of our platform. Beyond “privacy by design” data governance at the platform level the bot creator offers various templates let you easily implement conversational UX for all things GDPR.

Publishing processes

Our staging environment provides for well-defined approval and publication processes. Precise permission settings let you govern the access levels of large collaborative teams and even agency partners.