Push Messaging

While the regular dialogs of your AI assistants are initiated by the user, for many use cases it is necessary to send proactive messages. The channel-specific rules and regulations for addressing users are thereby automatically observed by the Mercury.ai Platform.


As the name implies, it is about the activation of your users. They are always triggered by a defined trigger event in the AI Assistant and sent within a 24-hour window after the trigger event. Activations thus serve the personalized address of an individual user and refer precisely to previous behavior. So you can talk about this, e.g. simply display the subsequent customer satisfaction survey or onboarding sequences for new users.


Send messages to precisely defined segments of users at specified times. Very similar to email newsletters, broadcast messages allow you to send editorial news to your users.


Notifications serve to inform users automatically about new content or transactional updates such as the shipping of an order. Updates are triggered either automatically by the availability of new content or via API by external systems.