In addition to the API, offers you standard plug-and-play integrations with the leading solutions on the market.

Integration CRM

The CRM integration of your AI Assistant is doubly important: On the one hand, you make the information of your customers entered in the dialog available company-wide, on the other hand, you create an optimal personalization of the dialog by using already existing customer data. By integrating with your CRM tool, such as Salesforce, you can easily and flexibly synchronize all user profile data and information


Integration Analytics

To easily evaluate the analytics events of your AI Assistant in the analysis tools of your choice, offers Plug-and-Play integrations for the most important analytics tools in the market, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Dashbot or even the Customer Data Management Platform

Analytics Integration

Integration Content Assistants have the You usually maintain the necessary content in content management systems or knowledge databases. offers plug-and-play integrations to Headless CMS systems such as Contentful or First Spirit CaaS in addition to the general API so that your AI Assistant can directly access these content sources and thus always use the most up-to-date data. The integration of Google Sheets also makes it easy to manage your content and update it. Because the success of your AI Assistant depends on the completeness, timeliness, and relevance of the information provided.

Content Integration
Google Spreadsheet

Integration Dialogdesign deliberately does not map the dialogue configuration in the sense of intelligent contextualized dialogue processes through tree structures. However, it can often be useful to create prototypes for your AI Assistant with visual dialog designs during the planning process. offers integration with appropriate tools such as Botmock to take up this preliminary work as efficiently as possible in the implementation of your AI Assistant. The dialog designs created with Botmock are directly executable in after the import.

Conversation Design