Forward chats to a human agent

As good as AI assistants are, there will always be situations in which a user has to be put through to a human agent. offers a smooth handover function that moderates the call forwarding to the user and offers the agent direct access to the previous call history as well as the user profile.

The triggers of the "handover" behavior are flexibly adjustable. Keywords can be defined as well as more complex classifiers can be trained to recognize the right moment for forwarding. Also, the "handover" can be triggered by a certain number of messages that are not understood or deliberately initiated by the user in menus and buttons.

Handover Agent

Your handover agents can set working hours precisely and variably for optimal service support. At these times, AI Assistants can assign incoming conversations to available agents which then receive a notification which can be sent via various channels such as browser notifications, e-mail notifications or slack messages either in a group channel or as personal messages.

Agent Availability
Agent Routing
Handover Notifications
Handover Indicator