Dialog Engine - Say the right thing at the right moment

Natural language interaction is more than the mere understanding of messages. Saying the right thing at the right moment is at least as important for a fruitful dialogue. The technical realization of dialogue behavior required for this is today the most important differentiating feature for AI assistants and a particular strength of Mercury.ai. While simple chatbots are usually organized via predefined dialog trees, AI Assistants require more intelligent solutions.

Our modular dialog engine is the key to a "Best in Class" dialog UX. The modular approach based on cognitive principles allows the combination of completely different types of technological dialogue governance and thus offers the optimal speech action for every application. Your advantage: You have direct access to a multitude of intelligent dialog behavior patterns that you would otherwise have to implement individually with great effort and meticulous attention to detail. For example, the ability to correctly resolve questions and references, to refer to what has already been said, or the active demand for ambiguous input.


Without an understanding of the context of meaning, no meaningful dialogue of several hours is possible. This is due to the nature of human language, which is highly under-specified and builds on our cognitive ability to make connections beyond what is explicitly said. Context is crucial to create good dialogue UX with relevant results. Mercury.ai offers a variety of contextualized dialog behavior "out-of-the-box" and also allows creation and maintenance of versatile context parameters, which can also be set and read via API access.

Global Context
Game context
User Context
User Infos

Dialogue games - the "Lego blocks" for intelligent dialogue behavior

All dialogues on the Mercury.ai Platform are organized in the form of dialogue games. Dialog-Games are, on the one hand, the modular building blocks of your AI Assistant, which guarantee a clear structure and thus maintainability. On the other hand, the various Dialog Game types provide the various specialized behaviors that make the creation of complex AI Assistants on the Mercury.ai platform so convenient.


While context is decisive for the context in a dialogue, personalization is the key to responding to each user individually. This ranges from the personal address to highly individualized slide log sequences based on preferences in the user profile. A maximum of personalization is achieved when the user context is not only fed by explicitly extracted preferences from the dialog but is directly based on existing knowledge from your CRM system.