Security and Compliance

The platform offers important functions to be used as secure and trustworthy Conversational Middleware in combination with your corporate IT. is operated exclusively on servers in Germany. Clearly defined processes and policies govern our security and privacy practices. We will be happy to provide you with details in a personal exchange.

Access Control

On the platform, you can take extensive measures to secure your accounts: e.g., single sign-on, two-factor authentication, a timeout for unused browser sessions, password policies, limited password life, blocking of previous passwords and account blocking after unsuccessful login attempts.

Data Retention Period

The dialogs with your users can contain very sensitive information, depending on the application. On the other hand, the user data available allows a higher degree of personalization. To enable you to find the right balance between data protection and personalization for your application, the Platform offers a flexibly adjustable data retention period.

GDPR offers simple presets and templates to help your AI Assistant fully comply with EU data protection regulations. Our out-of-the-box functions include "active opt-in," the provision of all relevant information for data collection, and legal information. Users can thus ask your AI Assistant at any time what it "knows about the user" and, if desired, delete this data directly from the dialog.


The authorization management on allows you to assign specific editing rights to your team members. Also, you can add agency partners to your projects and make their employees members of your project team. This is not only practical but also provides a stable basis for cooperation with partners and service providers from a compliance perspective.