One bot - many channels

Connect your AI Assistant to all relevant messaging channels. Each AI Assistant can be linked to multiple channels of different types. The expression and display options of the channels are automatically taken into account and the messages are adapted accordingly to the expressivity of the respective channel.

Channel Types

Your AI Assistant can handle multiple output types, such as voice and rich text, simultaneously, while adhering to the policies and display specifications of each channel type. This capability is already included in every Assistant and does not need to be added later, so that the correct configuration can be applied from the development of the very first intent.


Channel Settings

Since each channel has its own requirements with regard to positioning and design, the settings for each channel can also be adjusted individually. For this purpose, different AI Assistant versions can be assigned to different channels or channel-specific chat menus can be set up for communications specifically designed for each environment.

Channel Routing

Channel Events

Events in the channel of your AI Assistant can have an effect on the conversation of your AI Assistant so that you can target individual users in the dialog very effectively. The possibilities range from addressing users individually to fully automated individual targeting in a conversation. In addition, the chat widget allows you to interact events based directly with your website in which information can be continuously synchronized between the website and the AI Assistant - for example input to your form fields.

Channel Context