As a Conversational Cloud, Mercury.ai offers you a comprehensive API for managing your AI assistants. The programming interfaces provide full functionality from the initial creation of a bot project to the addition of individual, new intents.

Your advantage: In contrast to programming frameworks, the functional extension of your AI Assistant is not only cheaper and faster, but can also be automated programmatically. Thus, the Mercury.ai API allows you not only to integrate content, transactional systems and customer data, but also to extend the functional scope of the Bots itself and thus to deeply integrate it into any IT environment.

Authoring API

The authoring API can be used to programmatically configure and put live the behaviors (games) that make up your AI Assistant. Regardless of whether you create your AI Assistant from scratch or further develop an existing Assistant, the Authoring API offers the appropriate functions and views for configuring your Assistant.

Content API

Your content can be maintained and updated in the bot via Content API, so that the AI Assistant can draw on up-to-date content in the dialog at any time. To do this, you can upload your content in JSON format or you can use the Google Spreadsheet integration.

Content Object
Google Spreadsheet