- The Conversational Cloud is the Conversational Cloud for highly customizable AI Assistants, Chatbots and Voice Interfaces. Based on a proprietary end-to-end suite of API-based conversational automation services enables a modular approach to high-quality conversational automation. combines language understanding, dialogue behavior and knowledge base in a holistic approach which creates the technological basis for a noticeably better user experience.

Feature Overview

All the features you need for your AI Assistant. End-to-end in the Conversational Cloud

An excellent NLP for high quality speech comprehension ensures that messages from users are correctly understood.


Your content can be integrated directly into the AI Assistant so that your users can find out everything about your products directly in a dialog.

Knowledge Graph

We offer a secure IT architecture and DSGVO compliance - two core elements of successful AI Assistant development.


The analytics solution tailor-made for conversation analysis shows all information about conversations, users, channel access and content usage.


Create synergies by integrating your conversation design, CRM and analytics solutions directly to


News, updates and messages for user activation can be sent proactively to users via push - while automatically complying with channel-specific guidelines.

Push Messaging

So that user queries are answered directly by your service team in the same channel - but only if service is available.


Connect your own products directly via API and use the solutions you already use directly for creating your AI Assistant.


Our high-quality Dialogue Engine enables flexible and appropriate reactions in dialogues and ensures a natural conversational interaction.

Dialog Engine

View all conversations, answer all handover requests and annotate all phrases - directly in one inbox.


The central place for the administration and processing of your AI Assistants. Not chatflows, but natural dialogs are created here.

Bot Creator

Administer the development process of your AI Assistant according to professional standards within development, test and live environments.

Lifecycle Management

Use these channels with your Mercury AI Assistant

Connect you Mercury AI Assistant with a wide range of text and voice channels. For external and internal audiences. Use our webchat to seamlessly integrate with your website. Create a consistent user experience by keeping conversation context across channels.

Innovation needs trust.

Built for the high expectations in data protection and security of the most demanding enterprises.


In order to make the safest and most trusted conversational cloud we provide wide range of security features – from Two factor authentication to idle-session-timeout a undergo regular penetration tests.

GDPR compliant

Data protection and privacy are at the core of our platform. Beyond “privacy by design” data governance at the platform level the bot creator offers various templates let you easily implement conversational UX for all things GDPR.

Professional processes

Our staging environment provides for well-defined approval and publication processes. Precise permission settings let you govern the access levels of large collaborative teams and even agency partners.