No-Code Conversational AI Platform

Build next-generation AI Chatbots.

AI Chatbots

Automate your customer communication. From lead generation to full customer journeys and complete solutions to customer problems.


For direct communication between your customers and employees. For answers to difficult questions and close customer relationships.

More than just an inbox

AI superpowers for your service team

All Channels in One Inbox
Seamless Handover between Bots and Agents
Canned Responses (Snippets)
CRM Integration
Notes and Tickets
Annotation and AI Training

Dialog Automation


Vertical plug'n'play solutions for unbeatable time-to-market.
Build individual use cases from dialog task templates.
Best-in-class dialogue-UX that no flow editor can achieve.

Natural Language Understanding

Our proprietary Natural Language Understanding technology enables your AI assistant to interpret text messages in multiple languages robustly and understand your customers’ questions and concerns.

Active Learning

Save effort in maintenance and achieve high automation rates with your bots ability to self-improve and learn from conversations with your customers. A simple approval loop will ensure that you keep full control over what your AI chatbot learns.

Fully managed conversational AI suite

Your individual AI-model
Automatic hyperparameter tuning (Auto-ML)
Training-data management and optimization
Simple annotation and training in inbox
Define unit tests for conversation flows
NLU debugger

Conversational Customer Experience Platform

Enterprise ready.

Built for highest expectations in data protection and security.


In order to make the safest and most trusted conversational cloud we provide wide range of security features – from Two factor authentication to idle-session-timeout a undergo regular penetration tests.

GDPR compliant

Data protection and privacy are at the core of our platform. Beyond “privacy by design” data governance at the platform level the bot creator offers various templates let you easily implement conversational UX for all things GDPR.

Publishing processes

Our staging environment provides for well-defined approval and publication processes. Precise permission settings let you govern the access levels of large collaborative teams and even agency partners.