Reduce your support costs

Automate your customer service with AI chatbots and give your service AI superpowers. With automation rates of over 80%, you'll reduce wait times and dramatically cut your cost per ticket. An efficiency win that pays off. 🚀

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AI-powered customer service that pays off

95% wait time reduction

80% of service requests are automated

25% CSAT increase from using Mercury

Increase efficiency in customer service

AI automation made simple

Support your customer service teams with AI chatbots and automation. In the process, your employees work together with AI like a team. New automations can be easily added plug-and-play or defined by your team without programming.

Resolve tickets directly

The integration of the AI chatbot with your CRM, fulfillment or transactional systems enables full 360° integration and direct resolution of the problem without the need for a human service agent.

Perfect team of AI chatbot and your live agents

With Mercury, you can put automation first. Problems are either solved directly by the transactional AI chatbot or forwarded to the right agent as a highly pre-qualified ticket.

AI with 360° Process Integration

Fully automated customer service conversations

Delight your customers with self-service that resolves their issues quickly, easily, and in a personalized way. This saves time for your customers and your service staff. Set up the first automations in minutes - without a single line of code.

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