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Double Your Conversion Rate

Bieten Sie kompetetente Produktberatung rund um die Uhr und führen Sie Ihre Kunden zum passenen Produkt. Für jeden Die persönliche Produktberatung durch KI Assistenten erleichtert die Kaufentscheidung und führt zu Steigerungen der Conversion Rate von mehr als 100%. 🚀

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Results that customers of Mercury achieve:

Increase of Conversion Rate

Cart Value Increase

Increase of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Personalized product advice with AI

Integrated with your shop

Your complete inventory and the entire product knowledge from your store is available to the AI chatbot for searching, guidance and answering questions. The direct integration keeps everything up to date at any time.

Explains your product benefits

The guiding dialog is the better alternative to impersonal product selectors. The higher personalization and better usability not only leads to more relevant product suggestions, but also facilitates the purchase decision process.

Activates baskets

The right message at the right time can decide whether a purchase is made or not. Personal messages are less annoying than pop-up banners and more effective in reactivating shopping carts.

Automated guidance

Help your customers find the right product.

With the proactive product guide chatbot, your customers will find the right product faster. Search less, find more. With Mercury, you offer your customers a personalized shopping experience around the clock and fully automated.

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