The benchmark for automated messaging on WhatsApp

Maggi is the first german FMCG brand to offer an interactive service on WhatsApp with Chatbot Kim.

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Whatever your use case might be - it’s not tougher than teaching someone to cook, right?

Use Whatsapp ...

WhatsApp is the most important messaging app on the German market and provides direct access to 77% of all consumers. Create automated services to introduce your products and services.

... the best dialog automation ...

WhatsApp is a a pure text-based messenger and puts special emphasis on AI. You will need a strong NLP and a high degree of dialog capability to create great user experiences.

... and your customers will love it.

Teaching skills is the next level of user experience in AI chat. Go beyond simple faq customer service and provide real value. For your business and your customers.

Kitchen Intelligence by Maggi

Maggi reaches millenials in messenger apps.

Back in 2017 the MAGGI Chatbot KIM on Facebook Messenger was a beacon for what was possible in the emerging chatbot environment. KIM offered users an unprecedented search experience and provided service value that was strongly aligned with the brands heritage - and established Nestlé and its brand MAGGI as a leading innovator in conversational user touchpoints. In addition to the varied recipe search, Kim's new cooking class feature on Whatsapp goes far beyond the offerings of existing customer service.

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