Conversational Commerce

Increase customer satisfaction

Offer personal service around the clock. Where your customers write with friends. Resolve issues proactively and keep your customers informed of order progress. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. 🚀

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Customer satisfaction matters more than ever before

CSAT increase

of customer service leaders see increased CSAT from chatbots

of customers would switch companies after single instance of poor service

Offer personal service where your customers are

In messaging apps and via web-chat

Reach your customers where they prefer to be. In messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Or offer direct contact via chat on the website.

Integrated with your shop

A direct and easy integration with your store system lets the AI chatbot answer many questions about products, or the order status directly and also handle e.g. address changes and provision of the return label easily via WhatsApp.

24/7 availability through AI

Many customers buy when your employees are off work. With Mercury's AI chatbot, you can provide outstanding, personalized service to your customers around the clock and on weekends.

Live-Chat + AI Chatbot

Conversational Commerce for increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction pays off. There is a lot of revenue waiting to be earned through the retention of your customers, more upsells and cross-sells, and fewer abandonments. Conversational Commerce - the use of messaging along the entire e-commerce chain brings you closer to your customers while increasing revenue and customer experience.

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