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CCW 20202nd March 2020
Hotel Estrel Berlin
Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin
About the event

Meet us at the international conference & trade show for innovative customer dialogue. Learn how to create chatbots with Mercury.ai that close complete service requests - faster and better.


Digital Kindergarten8th June 2020
Harald-Stender-Platz 1
20359 Hamburg
About the event

We are back at the Digital Kindergarten which is more than just a tech event or marketing conference. It's about trying out and planning together how to translate your experience from theory into practice.


Digital Business Week10th July 2020
Webinar hosted by Internet World Expo

July, 10th - 11:15-11:45 AM
About the event

Today, a powerful chatbot is ready for use in a very short time and delivers measurable success. Unfortunately, the effort for optimization and maintenance often reduces the ROI or exceeds the existing capacities. We show you the 3 decisive factors to let your AI Chatbot improve autonomously and save your team a lot of work.

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Content Talk4th August 2020
Webinar hosted by Content Talk

August, 4th / 11:00-11:45 AM
About the event

In this expert dialogue we explain the basic technology of chatbots, followed by a discussion on the importance of messengers, as the number of users is enormous and chatbots can be used in many ways. Finally we show, customer benefits and advantages for your own business.

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CX Dialog - Workshop Conversational Commerce24th February 2021

In the workshop, you will gain an overview of the trend topic Conversational Commerce based on practical use cases in e-commerce. The popularity of messaging channels like WhatsApp together with the progress in Conversational AI have what it takes to be a game changer. With messaging and AI chatbots, online retailers create the extra customer intimacy and personalization along the customer journey that they need in the constant competition with Amazon. And on top of that, the potential to turn your service from a cost center into a revenue driver. Join us to discuss the following questions: - What is Conversational Commerce? - What are the functions along the customer journey? - Where is the special potential? And what are the quick wins? - How can live chat and AI chatbot be ideally linked? - How do you start the rollout and how much effort is involved? The workshop will be in German.

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Conversational Commerce & Content12th May 2021
Zoom Online Webinar
14.00 pm

Use the potential of the most popular messaging channels of your customers for services and communication. Together with our partner e-Spirit we'll show how to get a successful start quickly and how to use your existing content directly.

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Conversational AI 2127th May 2021
Online Conference & Workshop

Trends, keynotes, workshops and 1:1 meetings. Conversational AI shows current trends and new technologies. Selected providers present the benefits of these technologies for your company and guide you in your own implementation. Mercury shows that Conversational AI is not equal to NLU. Understanding user intentions is basically solved. The unsolved problems in conversational intelligence is dialog management that feels natural to a user and a systematic approach to improve bots in their lifecycle and extending them to new use cases in operation.

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