This is an overview over the different permission types. If you want to get a more detailed description on the different contexts of permission types, go to Organization for Organization Permissions and Users for a description related to Project Permissions.

Organization Permissions

Label Description Dependent on
View organization details Allows users to access the information of the organization and get the information about subscriptions
Edit organization details This will give you the right to make changes about your organization View organization details
View users A user may view all the users of an organization
Edit users With this permission, users can make changes to users permissions View users
Create users Create new users for your organization View users
Delete users A user may delete other users of an organization
Create projects A user is allowed to create new projects
Share bot and game configurations This will enable a user to use (save and access) library games
Grant organization-related permissions Users with this permission can allow other users permissions that are related to the organization
View invoices Access invoices of your organization

Project permissions

Label Description Dependent on
Work for project Is the permission that grants you access to a project - change it in Organization>User
View stages With this permission, you can see different tages and the configuration thereof
Use sidebar Quickchat Users can test the bot directly on the platform via the Quickchat - the permission allows to work with it
Promote to test Permission to promote a bot from DEV stage to the Test stage View stages
Promote to live Permission to promote a bot from Test stage to the Live stage View stages
Delete Project Users with this permission may delete this very project
View project team Lets you see which users have the permission to work for this project
Grant project-related permissions A user who has this permission, can make changes to the permission set of other users for this project View project team
View channels This permission makes it possible to view the channels the bot is connected to
Edit channels Users can create new channels and make changes to already existing channels View channels
Annotate Is the permission for annotating messages in the inbox
Create, edit and deploy bots Central Permission for working on the bot because it gives you the rights to make changes to the bot, create a new bot and deploy bot versions to DEV
Edit content configuration Allows users to work with everything related to content that is accessible via the platform
Edit push messaging objects A user with this permission may work on the push messages and their configuration
Manage integrations Allows users to add, edit and delete integrations such as Salesforce, Facebook Analytics and Botmock
View analytics Grants access to view the Analytics page - you can set it up for each stage
View inbox Users with this permission can open the inbox and view the conversations between users and bot - you can set it up for each stage individually
Answer inbox For users who may answer Handover messages - this is the relevant permission for your service agents for replying to service requests - you can set it up for each stage

Project details

Making changes to the projects is a permission that only project owners can have. It allows the project owner to make fundamental changes to the project:

Edit project details

Label Description
Name Change the name of a project
Description Change the description of a project
Owner Change the owner of a project
Data retention time Set the time period how long data like conversations are being stored on the platform
Api games editable Activate the possibility to make games in your project accessible and editable via the API