Users can have different permission settings at the different levels. The core differentiation is between the organization and projects. So, a user can have a wide access to organization related permissions while at the same time not having access to certain projects at all. This reflects the actual situation of project roles and company-internal structure of responsibilities. However, organizations itself can sometimes differ from each other and can have different sets of hierarchies. Therefore, the platform also allows you to work with your agency as a partner for your bot projects that cannot get information about your organizational account.


In the organization account, you can access all the information about your organization and the most relevant accounting information that you need to have in one place. So, whenever there is a need to have an overview about the plan you have, how much games your plan includes, who is the organization owner and where to find the past invoices, you can get it from here. Furthermore, here you cannot only see the list of your account plan but you can also upgrade your plan or add extra games/projects so you can improve your bot easily.

Via the organizational permissions of users, you can set up which users have the right to access or make changes to your plan, so be especially careful with that permission.

How do I add new users to my organization?

Adding a new user is as easy as can be. All you have to do is going to Organization > Users and then click on Create new user account. Three of the fields are mandatory (First Name, Last Name and E-Mail) and you also have to choose between the options of the two factor authentication (TFA) method (Note: When you choose SMS as TFA, it is also mandatory to provide the mobile number).

After clicking on Save, your new user will receive an e-mail in which she can confirm her user account. After that, she will be able to set up the password.

Optional fields:

Label Description
Facebook ID You can enter the Facebook ID. This is necessary if the user needs to have certain permissions for setting up Facebook Analytics.
Slack ID The Slack ID is for the case that you want to integrate the Handover mode to Slack. This option lets you receive Slack messages in your personal channel whenever a new conversation is assigned to you as handover agent.
Job Title You can enter the job title if you want.

Is there a user limit on my plan?

No, there is not. You can add as many users as you need in your bot project.


If you want to collaborate on a bot project with an agency, it is easily possible on the platform. All you have to do is set up the relation with your agency (contact us at for setting up the relation for you) and enable the agency for a certain project. To get a general overview about agencies you are collaborating with, you can always go to Organization > Partners. There you find a list of partners that is independent from the question on which project the agency is working on.

List of partner agencies

You can do this by navigating to Your-Project-Name > Team. There you will find in the upper part of the page a section called Project partners where you can enable the agency by using the toggle button. Furthermore, the status will also show you if the enabling process worked. In the next step, the Organization Owner of the agency can activate those users who should be able to work on the project. After that, the Project Owner can set up the permissions for each individual user so that you as the leading organization has the full control which users can do what. Configuring the permissions of the users of your partner agency can be done in Project > Team (if you want to get detailed information on each permission, go to Permissions.