Utility games

There are some dialogue tasks are very common across projects and always need the same functionality. This is covered by utility games, which are pre-configured and can be adapted to your particular use case.


Under data and privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA it may be required to ask a user to opt in to the collection of their private data before starting a conversation with the bot. The opt-in game provides exactly this functionality. When active, it basically acts as bouncer and will block all other dialogue until a user opts in. In the settings you can specify the messages for this behavior.

To comply with legal and privacy regulations your bot will have to provide some mandatory information and perform basic actions on user data, like disclosing the data gathered about a user or deleting this data. The legal and privacy game is the plug-and-play solution to all this.


To make your bot work hand in hand with your human customer service agents the handover game gives you all the settings to control when and how a conversation is forwarded from a bot to a human. Phrases and user utterances can be specified that directly trigger a handover. And there are settings for automatic handover after bot failures, different ways to moderate the transition from bot to human and special replies for off-hours when no human is available.


Together with content objects and a search game in your bot this preference game provides the functionality to personalize the search behavior for your users. On the data side it filters and ranks the results while providing the dialogue functions to manage these preferences.


Together with content objects and a search game the bookmark game lets your bot users remember content they liked and save it on a list.


The subscriptions game lets your users manage subscriptions to you bots broadcast plans. Please note that broadcast functionality is heavily regulated by the various messaging channels. But when broadcast messaging is available this game lets you set up the user dialogues for subscribing and unsubscribing to those plans.