Message design

If you were chatting with a friend or family member on a messenger app like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you’d send a bit of text, funny gifs or an interesting video, then wait for a response.

Messages built on serve the same function. You can compose a message using any combination of our following chat messaging tools.


The most obvious way to create bot replies within a message is to write plain text. This is a good way to send condensed information to your users.

However, text blocks quickly become too long.

Text Example 1

To be honest, no one will ever read this text in full length. You have the option to add paragraphs (press Shift + Enter), which allows you to split the text into editable parts. This already gives the text some structure.


What you can also do is to split the text into several speech bubbles by clicking the text template icon again. This will add another speech bubble. Now you can send the same message in one text bubble instead of several. You cut them into appropriate chunks for your communication.

More Bubbles

Notice how different it is? It looks much more tidied up and is better understandable for your users. But too many bubbles can also be a problem. So remember not to overuse this option.


To make sure that your users get the chance of reading the whole content we integrated a delay between your text and media asset, so bubbles are not sent simultaneously but rather one by one.

That is highly important because if you have too many bubbles, you might run into the situation that the most upper one is not visible anymore.


Technology-enabled conversations allow you to use a wide variety of media as part of the conversation. Images and animated GIFs can be used to answer requests as well as add personality to your chatbot.

Link an image of your choice via an URL to the chatbot.


Leverage rich media to substitute the tempting long chunks of text. Videos speak for themselves. An instruction for instance is much quicker to grasp than an eternally long text. Note: don’t overdo it. It is still a conversation and always remember the context. Chatbots often interact with mobile users and they should be in an environment that allows them to watch videos. But when it makes sense, then link your video via an URL to the chatbot.


To simplify the whole thing, you can use familiar tools. For example, if you want users to choose between two options, give them buttons.

The button template shows a message and attached buttons. This template can be used to provide message recipients with options from which they can choose, such as predefined answers to a question or actions to be performed.


A card contains of several sections where you can place a headline, a sub-line, an image and a button.

The carousel contains several cards next to each other, which should allow the users to choose if there are several options.