Designing bots

You have an idea for a bot, but you don't know how to start? Here are some questions to answer when you begin to build a bot.

What should the bot do?

The first thing you should start with is: Define the Bot. What is it's main goal?

Propely you have some products and you want your users to find the best? Then use our search game. Or do you want to collect information about your users and send it to you? Therefor you may use the form filling.

Here you find a table with your purpose and our games:

Purpose Game
Let the user look for the right product/information Search Game
Present product to user and let them ask question about it Info Game
Collecting information about the user Form Filling
Answer simple questions of users Generic
Help user with problems and give them instructions to solve it Support
No right answer in the bot. No problem. Let a human answer the question Handover
Like to remember what your users like? Here you can do it Preferences
If a user should be able to mark product, use this game Bookmark
You want to notify your user, then you can do it with the bot. Subscriptions

You may want to combine some of these games to make your bot even better and more extensive.

To get a better overview you may like to define user stories for the bot. You can use them to write example dialogs. In these dialogs you can set the wording and attitude of the bot, which is also a very important part of your design process.

Now you have a good foundation for the bot. But there is more. Maybe you like to keep some information about the user in mind. So you have to define them as parameter for the bot.

Moreover you should have at least some answers to offtopic utterances like insults, weather, time and so on.

Now you have a rough structur for your ai assistant. It is time now for the advanced stuff.

Bringing content to the bot

There are two kinds of content in a bot.

The first one is content your bot can talk about like your products you want to present in the ai assistant. The most important question is now where to get these items. Do you have an API or is there an other way to get them. How to put this kind of content you can read here.

The second one are the assets you use in you bot like images, videos and so on. If you like to know how to use them in your ai assistant look here.

Technical requirement

Your bot can use information from different sources via APIs. When you are designing a bot, you need to know which API you want to use and how you can use them. You may collect a list of the used APIs.

Keep in contact with your users

There are many ways to reencourage your user after they talk to your bot. One possible way is to send them activations and broadcast messages after some time. You should keep this in mind when you are designing your ai assistant.

Channel configuration

Next question: Where should the bot to be find? Which channel do you want to use?

The channels which we support are listed here.


Do you use salesforce or like to conact your ai assistant to facebook or google analytics? No problem. Just look here to see our offered integrations.

Defining KPIs

Last but not least you may like to consider which information about the using of your bot are important for you. In this section you can find all numbers our platform offers you.