The bot configuration library is the central place to store and manage your bot's game configurations. Please refer to the Games section for the format required for game configurations.

Library entries comprise general information about a game entry together with metadata such as permissions and descriptions.



List game configurations




The format of a LibraryGameConfiguration is given below.

Create a new game in the library

Post a to create a new game in the library. "organizationId" is not required

Body: <LibraryGameConfiguration>

Update a game configuration

POST /<game id>
Body: <LibraryGameConfiguration>

Add an optional comment in the request body.



Retrieve a particular game configuration

GET /<game id>?version=<version id>

Query parameters:

Parameter Description
version The ID of the configuration version to retrieve. Corresponds to the version IDs returned by the list versions endpoint.



List game configuration versions

GET /<game id>/versions


versions [ {
  "id" : "4ecaeb94-0335-47c6-b5df-c76648095b23",
  "comment" : "comment",
  "createTime" : "2020-03-25T11:05:31.470Z"
} ]

The id of the response is the ID of the created game configuration version.

Retrieve a specific version of a game configuration

GET /<game id>/<version>



Delete a game from the library

DELETE /<game id>

Format: LibraryGameConfiguration

  "id" : "bb2e2ff7-65a4-4433-af69-6a063ee9e345",
  "projectId" : "3a6d54e0-c478-460d-9748-1a6c51945d48",
  "organizationId" : "cf102c0d-a034-408f-9e8d-809c38175605",
  "gameType" : "<GameType>",
  "name" : "name",
  "config": "JSON game configuration content, not present in list endpoints",
  "comment" : "optional comment for the configuration version",
  "permissionLevel" : "ORGANIZATION | PROJECT",
  "languages" : [<language>, ...],
  "description" : "description",
  "resourceTags" : <ResourceTags>"

Where ResourceTags are a map-like structure of keys and values to tag platform resources:

  "key" : "value",