Content Object Search


  "name": <string>,
  "description": <string>,
  "type": "ContentObjectSearch"
  "gameSpecificConfiguration": {
    "contentObjectType": <string>,
    "invocationUtterance": <MultilangVariationString>,
    "behavior": {
      "questionCount": <number>,
      "resultIfLessThan": <number>,
    "autoSelectQuestion": "informationGain"|"weight",
    "attributes": [
        "name": <string>,
        "weight": <number>,
        "questions": <NLG>
    "resultPresentation": <NLG>,
    "emptyResultPresentation": <NLG>

Intent structure

  • Find is the intent that triggers a search. It has the following optional slots:

    • reset= BOOLEAN
    • showimmediate= BOOLEAN
    • slots for all attributes
  • More triggers showing more results for the current search query.
  • NewSearch triggers resetting the current search and starting a new one.
  • PositiveFeedback, NeutralFeedback, and NegativeFeedback accept feedback the user expresses w.r.t. search results.

Game-specific parameters

  • questionCount specifies the maximum number of questions the bot will ask before showing results. This depends on the specific use case, but in general it should be a low number. If you don't want to ask any questions but always show results immediately, use 0 as value.
  • autoSelectQuestion specifies how the bot decides which question to ask for.
  • resultIfLessThan specifies from which number of search results on the bot asks questions in order to reduce the search space. For example, if this is 20, then the bot will start showing results whenever the result space contains 20 or less objects (even if the result presentation is configured to show only 5 results).