Why Messaging Is an Essential Channel for E-Commerce Customer Support

Excellent customer service has always been vital to success for any business. The better the customer service, the bigger the chance of customers coming back for return business. And return business increases profits, right?   But, as with most things in life, how a fantastic customer experience ...

Jens KretschmanonMar 15, 2021

Mercury.ai makes training AI chatbots easy

We expect chatbots and voice assistants such as Google Now, Alexa and Amazon Echo to understand us correctly in all situations, and to recognize our intentions and needs. These assistants are based on Natural Language Understanding methods that extract meaning from our input in order to respond acc...

Stefan TrockelonFeb 23, 2021

Why dialog trees are not a good foundation for powerful AI assistants

For e-commerce store operators, high customer satisfaction is the key to success. Using chatbots to communicate with customers promises fast response times and thus higher customer satisfaction. There are a variety of bot providers on the market. Their natural language understanding techniques are ...

Stefan TrockelonFeb 23, 2021

Why your AI messaging platform should not be charging per agent

In today’s increasingly digitized economy, customer experience must be at the heart of every business. When the full user journey, all of the transactions, and the hopefully evolving relationship with the customer is happening purely online, the quality of the experience is a critical part of the b...

Stefan TrockelonFeb 23, 2021

How businesses can use WhatsApp in compliance with GDPR

Messaging is one of the most important forms of communication today and messenger apps such as WhatsApp are among the most used apps on smartphones. For companies, too, these offer an interesting communication channel to their customers.  The legal situation regarding data protection, not least th...

MercuryonJan 19, 2021

The full potential of Conversational AI - easy to use for business users and developers

At Mercury.ai we believe that conversational AI is the key to user-centric services in our increasingly technological world. To make it generally accessible, we build our platform to overcome the dependence on hard-to-find AI developers and the technical insufficiency of drag and drop chatbot build...

Stefan TrockelonJul 08, 2020

3 facts that make messenger-based AI chat bots a success driver. I promise.

Companies must be in target group dialogue throughout the entire customer journey. Messenger platforms and their own website offer immense opportunities here. But for many, chat bots are still impersonal dialogue models, too expensive and too complex anyway. Here are 3 facts that disprove this - ad...

Jens KretschmannonJul 08, 2020

5 common misconceptions in the development of chatbots.

Chatbots help companies and brands with lead generation, customer service, and product search. For your customers to interact well with your digital assistant, you should avoid these  5 mistakes . Chatbots as an alternative to the e-mail newsletter? No. Rather, chatbots are a valuable enrichment ...

Jens KretschmannonNov 20, 2019

“Next Level Dialogue Experience“ for Chatbots and AI Assistants

When we as humans engage in conversations with other humans, we do not use canned sentences or responses that we input into the conversation following pre-defined conversational patterns. To the contrary, we know the context and situation in which the conversation takes place, we have own goals, we...

Stefan TrockelonApr 25, 2019

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