Wir sind auf der CCW 2020

10x schneller bei der Erstellung von AI Chatbots, die komplette Serviceanfragen abschließen.

Treffen Sie uns in Halle 2 an Stand D30 / E27.

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Lassen Sie uns Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie schnell und einfach die besten Chatroboter bauen können.

Most Chatbots can’t complete users’ service requests

AI chatbots are a great tool for customer self-service

Unfortunately, most chatbots don’t follow through

Instead, they send users to a knowledge base article!

Most service chatbots take weeks to set up and configure

It’s complex to design solution dialogues with all their logic

It needs to be done for all the different problems one by one

And all solutions need to be coded or designed as flows

With Mercury.ai you get your solutions ready in 1 day!

Create chatbots that help your users with complete solutions - closing their service requests

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