The full power of conversational AI in one comprehensive platform. provides an intuitive toolset for teams of non-technical users to create cutting edge Contextual AI Assistants and chatbots.

Made for high expectations

Clients choose mercury when they are looking for context-dependent, personalized and data-driven multi-turn dialogue. Because user acceptence of dialogue automation depends on the best possible conversation UX.

Task agnostic, result driven

Build the perfect conversational solution for your specific needs by combining our smart dialogue behaviors with natural language understanding that is precisely optimized for your domain.

End-to-end solution

Our platform covers the full life cycle of AI assistants - providing tools to create, train, integrate and maintain high quality dialogue automation. And all of that in one API-first platform. So no need to wrap your head around models or containers.

Collaboration and Compliance

To qualify as a trusted provider of innovative AI technology we are serious about our enterprise grade middleware.

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