The Story so far was founded in July 2016 by researchers out of CITEC, the Center of Excellence for Cognitive Interaction Technology at Bielefeld University together with digital economy practitioners out of a leading global network agency. is being built with the scientific foundation of more than 35 years in research towards machine learning, computer linguistics and semantic technologies and well above 250 scientific publications by the founding team as well as the experience of many digital transformation projects at major brands and DAX companies.

Only 6 weeks after founding we were trusted by Nestlé to build their – now benchmark setting – chatbot for the Maggi Kitchen Studio. In parallel to building the bot we developed the framework and software platform that the bot should run on. Over the course of the next two years our projects with more early access enterprise customers helped to continually mature our platform offering.

While growing the company solely on revenue – our proof that we provided value to our customers from day one – we arrived at a platform that is 100% made for the requirements of large-scale organizations while pushing the status quo of conversational interfaces.

The launch of the platform for public service marks the beginning of a new chapter for our company. As we are progressing into a world of highly complex connected systems we increasingly find natural language to be the most intuitive and empowering interface between humans and machines.

It is our mission at to serve as the intelligent conversational interface layer that facilitates natural human conversation with technological systems.

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