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contextual AI assistants is the end-to-end conversational AI platform for businesses to create contextual AI assistants and chatbots. We’re the choice of large brands with high expectations on dialogue understanding and behavior as well as collaboration and integration.

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Find our full suite of tools to cover the complete chatbot lifecycle. From bot creation and integration to training and analytics to live operation in mixed bot-human teams.

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Don't build Chatbots. Create Conversations!

Beyond the standard features that come with most chatbot plattforms offers specialties that make your conversational solutions stand out in user experience as well as bottom line results.


Our platform provides solutions for dialogue management with fluid and expressive dialogue behaviors that imitate human-like conversations. The dialogue management governs the real-time behavior of users interaction with a conversational agent by adapting the user feedback and the conversational context.


The handover function transitions a conversation from a bot to a human agent. When doing so, we keep the conversation in the original channel and make the handover in the backend for a human agent.

AI Agents

Mercury's Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enable building conversational agents that support multiple languages. Our platform already supports a number of selected languages with more coming in the near future.


Building and running successful chatbots requires collaboration across teams with different roles. The team collaboration components within our platform simplifies the process of collaborative bot configuration with team role life-cycle management and staging management.

Create value through dialogue automation!

Brand Engagement

Reach and engage your audience on messenger and voice channels and provide service value 24/7.

Operational Savings

Reduce costs and free up team resources by automating communication tasks.

Organizational Transformation

Transform your business with AI driven communication.

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